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TES Exceptional Children’s Program
TES Exceptional Children’s program provides services to ensure that all students acquire the knowledge, skills, behaviors, and attitudes to achieve their learning potential. Our program:
  • Provides a continuum of services based on individual needs.
  • Demonstrates commitment and dedication to ensure access to the general curriculum.
  • Develops individualized student plans as determined by data collection.
  • Applies research based interventions and methodology.
  • Encourages parent participation in the team process of individual program development as well as involvement in school-related activities. 
  • Provides support to students and families throughout their time at TES
  • Ensures an inclusive and positive environment for all students at TES, both academically and socially.
A student suspected of having an educational disability is referred to the MTSS at his/her school. Interventions are identified and implemented to assist the student’s academic, behavioral, and social/emotional needs.. Parents are notified when students are referred to the team. Parents are involved in the Tier 3 process. Please consult the school for more details about this process. 
Parent Resources
NC Parent Handbook link: ecparenthandbook.pdf
People First Language Chart link: people first language chart.pdf
ECAC link:( resource center for parents with students with disabilities) http://www.ecac-parentcenter.org/

EC Director Contact
Julie McCauley