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School Values

School Values

Building Equitable Community | “We are one team.”

  • Work collaboratively to ensure every child has an equal chance for success
  • Connect and build meaningful relationships
  • Embrace diversity, multiculturalism and inclusion
  • Point out the positives
  • Be kind, show empathy, and help others
  • Work hard and have fun together

Integrity | “We make the right choices, even when they are the hard choices.”

  • Approach others as if they have good intentions
  • Talk through problems and misunderstandings respectfully
  • Own the impact of your actions
  • Take care of yourself and the environment
  • Be honest and trustworthy

Growth Mindset | “We are always learning & growing.”

  • Persevere, even if you experience failure
  • Set and work towards goals
  • Use reflection and feedback to improve
  • Challenge yourself

Work Towards Excellence | “We do our best.”

  • Strive to do your best
  • Ask for and offer support
  • Follow through on your responsibilities