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Partner with Us

The Expedition School welcomes opportunities to partner with small businesses, corporations, science labs, non-profits, arts organizations and visiting artists, and individual professionals in symbiotic ways that 1.) help TES educate the future workforce and cultivate engaged citizens and community members, while 2.) providing our partners a practical, highly impactful and public facing way to make a difference in the lives of our students, staff, and ultimately, the entire community.

Why partner with TES?

Harvard Business School research found that companies and organizations with more corporate social responsibility practices have employees that outperform their counterparts over the long-term. Additionally, when companies, organizations and individual professionals partner in a win-win way with a school like TES, an increased presence of the company’s work is created among students, parents, school staff, extended families, and the community at large. This presence creates a lasting positive image that in turn increases profits, visibility, positive press, competitive advantage, and more.Strategic Partnerships

Additionally, today’s students are tomorrow’s workers, consumers, regulators, and neighbors. The evolution of workforce preparedness has created the need for K-12 schools to design rigorous curriculum that prepare students to enter the post-secondary options and careers of their choice. This initiative has created a dire need for the expertise of professionals to educate students in a way that is real-world, relevant and meaningful. Partners are critical in educating our students about various careers and diverse workforces available to them after graduation.

When students achieve their goals in education, everyone benefits. Involvement at TES by businesses, corporations, organizations, non-profits and individual professionals is key to TES’s commitment to providing relevant, project-based learning that is rigorous and connected to the real world. Partnerships help our students better understand how their work in the classroom correlates to professional life and success. The power of partnerships should also not be underestimated and is much more than a “photo opp,” since professional engagements in the classroom can have a lasting impact on children - resulting in everything from students pursuing a career in a specific industry, to creating positive interest and growth in a particular field/industry within the community over the long-term.

Partnership Opportunities

As a Project Based Learning School with a STEM focus, as well as a commitment to the integration of literacy and the arts, TES offers endless opportunities for creative, engaging win-win partnerships with those interested. Sample opportunities include:

  • Serving as a guest speaker and/or participating in interviews with students to engage with students about your profession
  • Hosting students at your site for field trips (hands-on experiences preferred)
  • Allowing students to shadow employees at work
  • Providing professional mentoring
  • Corporate sponsorships
  • Corporate support of technology in the classroom
  • Large group volunteer days on TES’s campus (i.e., running a “Science in Action” day at the school, or weekend activities such as arts, building and gardening projects)
  • Imagine your idea HERE!

If you would like to explore the possibilities of how we can help each other meet our important goals, all while making a lasting and profound impact on today’s students and tomorrow’s leaders, contact the school to start brainstorming today!