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Food at TES

At The Expedition School, students can either bring their lunch, or can have a meal from a local restaurant delivered each day. Students enjoy a relaxed lunchtime in their classroom or elsewhere around campus. A snack period is also offered at the discretion of the teacher. Students bring their own snacks from home.

 Packed Lunches and Snacks

The Expedition School is committed to supporting healthy eating and lifestyles. Thus, it is school policy that student lunches and snacks consist of nutritious food that are protein-rich and nutrient-dense in order to fuel our Explorer’s minds and bodies throughout the day. “Junk food” (i.e., soda, juice, sweets/candy, etc.) should not be included in items sent to school.

If a student leaves their lunch at home, the parent may drop it with Reception, who will deliver the lunch to the classroom. Otherwise, a school lunch will be provided for the day (there will be a $3.00 charge.)

Pay for forgotten lunches here: 

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Students should also bring a refillable water bottle to school each day.

 Lunch Delivery via My Hot Lunchbox

Hot lunches are delivered to the school each day from local Hillsborough restaurants. Families can go to My Hot Lunchbox to set up an account, learn how to order and review menu choices.

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Free and Reduced Lunch

Free or reduced-priced lunches are available for families who qualify. Please contact the Student Services Coordinator to inquire about the paperwork for eligibility or with any questions regarding how to apply. Confidential assistance is also available in completing the paperwork if needed.

If your family is experiencing food insecurity in any way, please reach out to the school so that we can assist in finding support for your family.