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TES Needs You!

Our goal is to provide families with a top notch school for their children and encourage exceptional parental and community involvement.  Because schools operate with tight funding, it takes a community of support to help TES be successful as well as be able to provide children resources to enhance their experience at TES.   In our commitment to provide for children, we require 1 hour of parent/guardian/grandparent involvement from each family each month for a total of 10 hours per family per year.  Of course, we welcome more hours if you are able to provide more!  We thank you in advance for your commitment to TES and its need for volunteers!


If you are interested in visiting, please read our policy in full: Visitor and Volunteer Policy  All visitors are required to follow the protocols outlined in the policy.


All volunteers must complete the 3 items below - in this order:
3. Complete THIS Volunteer Agreement Form (this is done AFTER watching the video and reading the policy) 

Background Check Process for becoming an approved Level 2 Volunteer at TES

In accordance with our Background Check Policy:

Volunteers who spend any time with students in a situation that is not directly supervised by a TES staff member (such as driving on field trips, working with groups of students or individual students outside of the immediate and constant view of a TES employee) must complete and pass successfully a criminal background check prior to working with the students or driving on a field trip.

Volunteers who would like to become a "Level 2 Volunteer" must indicate this on the Volunteer Agreement Form reference above.  Once you submit this request, a TES staff member will email a link to you where you provide your information to submit a background check. 

Background Check Payment

We are truly appreciative of all the parent volunteers.  If you are able and would like to help cover the cost of a background check, please see the payment information below. We thank you for helping the school!

Pay with cash or check

Pay using Paypal

  • Bring check or cash for $15 (you can bring to anyone in the office)
  • TES will send an email within a few days to complete the background check
  • Once a passed check is complete, you will automatically generate in the Raptor check-in system as a “Volunteer”, which means you check in under the Volunteer tab.
  • Once you are a “Volunteer”, you will only check-in/out as a volunteer, rather than a visitor.