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Our day’s at TES are spent in the beautifully restored Eno River Mill, located adjacent to the 24-acre Gold Park. Strategic renovations to transform a portion of the mill to house TES, while restoring the mill’s natural historic beauty, began in 2013. Large windows, high ceilings, and exposed brick are only a few of the unique features of TES that make it an ideal place of innovative teaching and learning.

With the critical understanding that a child’s environment is an essential element of learning, TES classrooms were designed with:
  •       Tall ceilings, large windows & natural light
  •       Flexibility of furniture, seating and space
  •       Areas for class discussion, collaborative learning and independent study
  •       Space for movement
  •       Goals to foster inspiration, innovation and creativity
  •       Access to natural areas right outside the doorstep
Learn about the Eno Mill History here!
The adjacency of The Expedition School to the natural setting of the 24 acres of Gold Park provide ample opportunities for outdoor learning and exploration, not to mention after school fun with family and friends. 
Parents and guardians can also skip carline by parking at Gold Park in the afternoon and walking the short trail to TES to pick up children (“Porch Pick Up.”)