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Celebrations/Birthdays at TES

Due to the large number of students with food allergies, for birthday celebrations, students are not allowed to bring in food.


Birthday: If students wish to celebrate their birthday with the class they may bring in a favorite book or poem to be read to their classmates.  Parents are not allowed to bring in cupcakes or other food items for the class to share.  Parents may eat lunch with their student, but must not bring food to share with other students.


Halloween: Halloween is not celebrated at the school.  Consequently, costumes are not worn to school.


Christmas/Winter Holiday: Classes may have a small party at the end of the last day prior to the winter holiday.


Valentine’s Day: Students in grades K-4 are encouraged to celebrate Valentine’s Day by making homemade valentines for their classmates.  A class list will be supplied by the teacher for the parent’s convenience.  Students who bring valentines must give one to each of their classmates.  At the teacher’s discretion, students in grades 5-8 are encouraged to complete a service project such as making valentines to share with veterans, senior citizens, hospitalized children, or members of the armed forces.