This page will house all TES Home Learning or Digital Learning items for your reference. 

It will evolve over time to try to meet your needs as we transition to Home Learning and Digital Learning.

Device Required Use Policy

Read if you have a TES Computer or ipad: CLICK HERE

Counseling Services during Digital Learning: Students CLICK HERE

Counseling Services during Digital Learning: More information for Parents: CLICK HERE

Food and Meals Resources CLICK HERE

So How’d That Go? – Thursday 3/19/20 Video from TES

Home Learning Welcome Videos

Teacher Office Hours CLICK HERE!


Grade 1-2

Grade 3-4

Grade 5

Grade 6

Grade 7-8

Specials classes

EC and Intervention Services


Technology Information for School Closures CLICK HERE

SeeSaw: Getting Started At Home CLICK HERE!

Google Classroom for Parents CLICK HERE

Schooling at Home: Resources for Parents and Students (article)

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