General Information


The Expedition School supports healthy eating.  Students must bring their lunch to school each day. Students who forget their lunch will be charged $2.5 for a school-provided lunch.  Free and reduced lunches are available for pricing for families who qualify.  Families applying for free/reduced lunch must complete eligibility paperwork to be reviewed by the school.  Contact the school for information.

Student lunches should consist of nutritious food.  Candy, pop/soda, and “fast-food” are not acceptable.  Students will eat lunch in their classrooms or possibly outside on a nice day. Students will have a quiet period during lunch to provide time to actually eat.   We all contribute to the cleanliness of the school. Each student is responsible for cleaning up after lunch – this includes their individual waste, as well as the area in which they ate. If a student leaves a lunch at home, the parent may bring it to the office.  Reception will deliver the lunch to the classroom.


A snack period will be offered at the discretion of the teacher.  Students must bring their own snacks from home as the school does not provide snacks.  Teachers may request donations for snack in case there are students in need.  Some younger grades may coordinate snack sharing/donations at the discretion of the teacher.  Snacks should be nutritious (fruits, vegetables, cheese and crackers, yogurt).  Candy, pop/soda, potato chips, cookies or sweets are not acceptable.


Catered Lunch Options

Monday- Friday:

My Hot Lunch Box delivers lunches from local restaurants to TES.

CLICK HERE to learn how to sign up for lunches!!


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