Mission (Espanol)

To embrace the natural curiosity of children and empower them to become innovative problem solvers and community builders.  To provide excellent education through an experiential, project based, and STEM focused curriculum.

At Our Core

STEM Exploration

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math exploration provides a foundation for students to meet tomorrow’s global challenges.

Child Centered, Strength Focused Classrooms

Each student comes to school full of strengths, energy, and curiosity that can exponentially grow. Each child has something meaningful to offer to the world. It is important to find and build upon children’s individual strengths, energy, and curiosity while challenging them to reach for new goals.

Experiential and Project Based Learning

Intellectual curiosity through project-based learning propels both learners and their guides to explore multiple paths to creative solutions.

Critical Thinking with Character Building

Compassionate, bold critical thinkers respect and reflect upon their world and promote positive changes.


We believe that children are eager to learn, connect with others, and feel like important contributors in a community. Children thrive in a learning environment that is child centered, strength focused, and connected to larger, real-world themes and ideas.


Children learn best when curriculum comes to life.  Hands-on, integrated, project based learning allows children to connect to big ideas and attach real world meaning to what they are learning. Instead of skimming the surface of a concept, children participating in project-based learning delve deeply into topics of study and are encouraged to ask questions, find answers, and take ownership of their learning.   Students work individually and collaboratively on projects that build character and can make a difference, allowing them to develop respect and compassion for individuals, our community, and the global community.  In order to prepare our children for a future in our global society, we believe a strong emphasis on science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), integrated with literacy, social studies, and art is essential for students to be creative, innovative problem solvers.  Curriculum will include study in sustainability and the environment, as well as other current scientific issues, in order to prepare students to create the best future possible.


Good teachers come to their students as learning partners. They bring compassion, respect, and enthusiasm to their students and their work.  Teachers help students to find their strengths, talents, and confidence in order to guide children to achieve high standards, build character, and foster a culture of innovation.  Research based practices, consistent assessment, and keen observation guide a teacher’s instruction.  Strong teachers are consistently reflective of their practice and maintain a growth mindset that enables them to constantly evolve to best serve their students.


A school is not merely a facility where children learn, but a community committed to working together to support children and their learning. We believe a strong bond between school and family is an important factor in a child’s education.  Exceptional parental and community involvement are greatly encouraged to see that the school is successful in preparing our children and always striving to rise to the next level.   The school’s mission and philosophy are upheld in its programs and policies.  The school strives to reflect and respect its community’s diversity in its student body, teaching staff, curriculum, and programs.

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